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Should I chose and assembled oven or buy a kit?

The choice of the right oven can be an intimidating one, due to the numerous variables and differences between them. But by asking the right questions we believe we can help you making an informed decision on what oven best fits your need.

There are quite a few points to consider in making this decision, such us time frame, skill level, permitting/HOA requirement, ability to move the oven, size needed. The first is obvious, when do you plan on start using your oven?


Any of our Subito Cotto ovens requires minimal assembly; it is partially cured, and will be able to be used after 3 or 4 curing fires. It can be moved with ease, and can handle some serious baking, can be fitted with a gas burner and is available in 3 sizes, ranging from 24 to 37 inches of internal diameter. All o the Subito Cotto sizes are highly efficient, yet their thermal mass allows them to be used long after the fire is out, allowing you to bake breads pastries.


Oven Kits

An oven kit is a larger undertaking, that does require some limited building knowledge, but can become the focal point of your back yard and can easily compliment an existing outside kitchen or patio. The Zio Ciro Oven Kits range from 32 to over 55 inches is diameter, allowing for an incredible array of possibilities, including pizzas, meat roasts, turkeys, breads and just about anything that will fit through the mouth! They are wonderful addition and provide great entertainment for all those that enjoy outdoor living.

Learn Why Zio Ciro Ovens Make The Best Pizza Ever

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