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The assembly process of any Subito Cotto oven is fast and extremely easy! Your oven will be delivered curbside; before accepting the delivery, ensure that the pallet did not sustain any damage during transport.
Using the wooden handles, lift the pizza oven and rest it on top of the stand, securing it with the bolts included in the package. Depending on your model, the oven can weigh a significant amount, we recommend having on least 4 strong people at hand to lift a Subito Cotto 60 or 80, and 6 people to lift a Subito Cotto 95. Always be careful and ensure no damage or injury will occur. Secure the flue and cap, and you will be ready to cure your Subito Cotto oven!
This short presentation will give you a better idea of how to correctly assemble your oven.

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