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While there are endless variation to the pizza recipe, I have decided to concentrate on the 3 that most faithfully represent the traditional flavors of Italian Pizza. Since each kitchen is different, you might have to adjust somewhat the ratios and times, but any of these recipes would be a good starting point. Enjoy!
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Private: Pizza alla Pala

Pizza alla Pala, sometimes refereed as Pizza al Taglio or Pizza al Metro, is a popular interpretation of the classic, and is well suited for serving large groups at once. The characteristics of this recipe are a high ratio of water/flour, lower cooking temperature (280-300...

Pizza alla Romana

Pizza alla romana (also known as “scrocchiarella” or crunchy), differs from the Neapolitan style dough because of a lower hydration (the percentage of water per kilo of flour is around 55%, resulting in a less fluffy pizza) and the presence of oil. The dough is...

Pizza Napoletana Verace

The recipe for the Pizza Napoletana Verace is given with the amount of water as a constant and the rest of the ingredients as variables, the result can therefore vary somewhat, but to be true to its name, should respect the limits set forth by the Disciplinare...