Subito Cotto Stand


While the Subito Cotto line of pizza ovens can be installed on a countertop, some customers might prefer a stand installation that will make moving your oven easier.

For those customers, we have developed a sturdy metal stand, made of powder-coated tubular steel, that requires minimal assembly and will provide a safe base for your oven.

In addition, the stand can be customized with additional steel plates that will allow for caster wheel installation. 



The stand for the Subito Cotto 60 stand is comprised of 4 leg, 2 cross bars and 16 bolts. 

Once on its stand, your oven’s cooking surface will be roughly 40 inches off the ground. 

The stand is made of powder coated square tube 45x45mm in size for the stand and 25x50mm for the support brackets.

The size of the stand’s tubing allow for the installation of expandable stem casters; 

We recommend a minimum of 250 lbs. capacity  1-5/8 casters