Wood Burning Pizza Oven Subito Cotto 95 With gas burner


The largest of the Subito Cotto series, the 95 offers almost 38 inches of internal diameter, for the serious gatherings! Ideal for large parties, it allows to cook up to 5 pizzas at once, up to 6 with the available gas burner kit. With its thermal mass, you will be able to bake bread, focaccia, and many more dishes long after the fire went out!

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Combine the true and tested Subito Cotto 95 and a P1+ Drago burner and save!

For Outside Use Only.

subito_cotto_95 Data Sheet


The Subito Cotto line of wood burning Pizza Ovens is hand made in Italy by Zio Ciro, a company with over 20 years of experience working with pizza ovens and other refractory products.

All Subito Cotto ovens require minimal assembly and are partial cured at the factory, giving our customer the opportunity to be baking in hardly any time!

All Subito Cotto ovens include:

  • A sturdy, powder coated, metal frame
  • A metal door with thermometer
  • A stainless steel flue with cap and dumper
  • A refractory concrete dome.

The metals stand includes the base, 2 set of legs and a cross section, used to store wood in the wood burning models or a tank in the models equipped with a gas burner.

The oven dome itself sits on a layer of expanded clay, is covered by a think layer of high temperature rock wool insulator, and protected by a patented composite outer shelf, that protects the oven from the elements and gives our ovens their unique look.

The oven assembly is then placed on a metal base which is secured to the stand by bolts.

The P1 burner kit is a great compliment to the Subito Cotto series of Pizza Ovens, as it allows you to use your oven with Propane (or natural gas) or reverting back to wood, simply by placing a stainless steel cap over the burner nozzle.

Each burner kit includes:

  • A metal Fairing
  • The Burner controls, including igniter.
  • A central valve, where air and gas are mixed.
  • An elbow shaped nozzle assembly, including thermocouple and pilot light.
  • A metal sleeve and stainless steel cap.

Its atmospheric burner combustion relies on natural chimney draw, like wood does; the flame created by the burner is well diffused and very bright. The P1 burner is extremely silent and operates continuously and unlike the blown-air burner it has no fan, which is a source of noise and requires frequent maintenance. The P1+ burner is positioned underneath the oven floor, with the nozzle housed in a metal sleeve that is secured at the base of the oven.

The P1+ Drago burner has a minimum output of 9640 Kcal/h (38K BTUs) and a maximum output of 20640 Kcal/h (82K BTU`s), and requires a 1/2 inches connector.