New Subito Cotto 100 Wood/Gas


The largest Subito Cotto we have ever made! The new Subito Cotto 100, with over 39 inches of internal diameter, coupled with the Avanzini P1+ gas burner is the perfect solution for large gatherings, events, food trucks, and trailers. Capable of cooking several pizzas at once, the new Subito Cotto 100 is ready to cater your next event!

Free Curbside delivery within the contiguous United States, some restrictions apply.

Please allow 7 to 10  days for processing and shipping.

Subito Cotto 100 Data Sheet



The Subito Cotto line of wood-burning Pizza Ovens is hand made in Italy by Zio Ciro, a company with over 20 years of experience working with pizza ovens and other refractory products.

All Subito Cotto ovens require minimal assembly and are partially cured at the factory, giving our customers the opportunity to be baking in hardly any time!

Every Subito Cotto ovens include:

  • A sturdy, powder-coated, metal frame
  • A metal door
  • A chimney flue
  • A refractory concrete dome.

Underneath the base of the oven, you will find a short stand base that will allow your Subito Cotto to be placed on top of a countertop or hard surface while giving enough clearance to accommodate the gas burner on the gas models;

If you decided to install the oven on the full stand, this can be accomplished by assembling the stand with its support crossbars and by inserting the oven base inside the legs of the stand.

The oven dome itself sits on a layer of expanded clay, is covered by a think layer of high-temperature rock wool insulator, and protected by a patented composite outer shelf, that protects the oven from the elements and gives our ovens their unique look.

The use of a gas burner inside is limited by room size and available opening, consult your local building code for an accurate list of requirements. The use of the gas burner, while a wood fire is active, is forbidden.

All gas burners are fitted with a propane orifice. Natural gas orifices are available during purchase, either on stock or as a special order item.

Since the fittings could become loose during transportation, the customer is required to perform a leak check before using the gas burner.

Please contact us for availability or special installation requirements.


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