Gas Burner Kit Subito Cotto 95


The Drago P1+ gas burner kit was specifically designed for the  Subito Cotto 95 Pizza Oven. It shares the same characteristics as the smaller P1 burner, allowing for easier management of the temperature, greater usable cooking surface of your oven, while eliminating ashes and soot. And going back to burning wood is a snap, all you have to do is cover the burner with the enclosed cap! The burner is available for both propane and natural gas users.

For Outside Use Only.

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The P1 burner kit is a great compliment to the Subito Cotto series of Pizza Ovens, as it allows you to use your oven with Propane (or natural gas) or reverting back to wood, simply by placing a stainless steel cap over the burner nozzle.

Each burner kit includes:

  • A metal Fairing
  • The Burner controls, including igniter.
  • A central valve, where air and gas are mixed.
  • An elbow-shaped nozzle assembly, including thermocouple and pilot light.
  • A metal sleeve and stainless steel cap.

Its atmospheric burner combustion relies on natural chimney draw, as wood does; the flame created by the burner is well diffused and very bright. The P1+ burner is extremely silent and operates continuously and unlike the blown-air burner it has no fan, which is a source of noise and requires frequent maintenance. The P1+ burner is positioned underneath the oven floor, with the nozzle housed in a metal sleeve that is secured at the base of the oven.

Installation of the gas burner requires the removal of an access panel located on the base of the oven, thermal insulation and a precut section of the cooking floor.

Professional installation is required.

The P1+ Drago burner has a minimum output of 9640 Kcal/h (38K BTUs) and a maximum output of 20640 Kcal/h (82K BTU`s) and requires a 1/2 inches connector.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 42 × 8 in