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Subito Cotto Assembly

The assembly process of any Subito Cotto oven is fast and extremely easy! Your oven will be delivered curbside; before accepting the delivery, ensure that the pallet did not sustain any damage during transport.

Using the wooden handles, lift the pizza oven and rest it on top of the stand, securing it with the bolts included in the package. Depending on your model, the oven can weigh a significant amount, we recommend having on least 4 strong people at hand to lift a Subito Cotto 60 or 80, and 6 people to lift a Subito Cotto 95. Always be careful and ensure no damage or injury will occur. Secure the flue and cap, and you will be ready to cure your Subito Cotto oven!

This short presentation will give you a better idea of how to correctly assemble your oven.

Subito Cotto Curing

Assembled Oven Curing

Since the Subito Cotto line has been partially cured at the factory, the process is faster and easier, but nevertheless of the utmost importance for the longevity of your oven.

The objective of curing a wood burning Subito Cotto Oven is to increase the temperature inside the oven gradually, avoiding thermal shock. To achieve that, we suggest starting a small fire in a separate location (wheelbarrow, metal container, fire pit) and then introducing hot ambers in the middle of the oven, with as little flame as possible.

While it is difficult to quantify the temperature goals, the best results have been achieved by reaching and maintaining, for roughly 30 minutes, temperatures of 250 C° on the first fire, 300 C° on the second, 350° on the third and 400C° on the last. Allow the oven to cool to ambient outdoor temperature in between each heating. Your Subito Cotto is now ready to cook! If you are using the Gas burner kit to cure your oven, follow the same procedures, taking care to use the lowest settings to achieve those results.

Now that your oven is ready to be used, we would like to draw your attention to the temperature range your oven is able to withstand. The blends of refractory cement used to build your oven have been tested with temperatures that well exceed the maximum operating temperature (550C°) of the Subito Cotto Series.

While the fire is contained in the dome, the oven will function flawlessly up to its very limit. When the amount of wood used to increase the temperature is such that flames exit the dome via the flue, the heat can be transferred to the composite cover, compromising its ability to protect the oven from the elements. Because of this, we recommend feeding only small pieces of dried wood at a time, thus allowing all the heat to be absorbed by the oven, and not to be vented out!

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Each oven is handmade in Italy, by a small group of modern artisans who pride themselfes in combining the best materials and a long tradition of excellence. 

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