Wood Burning Pizza Ovens, Imported From Italy to the USA!

About Zio Ciro

Zio Ciro has been producing Pizza ovens in Italy since 1997, and in the 20 years they have been in business they have produced some 30000 ovens, sold in over 17 Countries. Today their ovens are recognized as some of the finest pizza ovens available on the market, bringing professional quality to pizza enthusiasts everywhere. Each oven is handmade in Italy, by a small group of modern artisans who pride themselfes in combining the best materials and a long tradition of excellence.

Whether you are looking for a fully assembled oven, or kit to finish to your liking, we are sure we can help you find the perfect oven for you! A wonderful compliment to any summer kitchen or patio, Zio Ciro pizza ovens will help you create memories you will cherish forever!

Most of my fondest memories growing up in Italy are of friends and family gathered in the kitchen, at the dinner table, or around a fire pit – all occasions where people had come together to enjoy good food and great company.

After twenty plus years traveling around the world, I realized how unique and important those memories are.

Zio Ciro Pizza Ovens was started to share those moments and allow you to make your own special memories.

Learn Why Zio Ciro Ovens Make The Best Pizza Ever

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