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Zio Ciro has been producing Pizza ovens in Italy since 1997, and in the 20 years they have been in business they have produced some 30000 ovens, sold in over 17 Countries. Today their ovens are recognized as some of the finest pizza ovens available on the market, bringing professional quality to pizza enthusiasts everywhere. Each oven is handmade in Italy, by a small group of modern artisans who pride themselfes in combining the best materials and a long tradition of excellence. Whether you are looking for a fully assembled oven, or kit to finish to your liking, we are sure we can help you find the perfect oven for you! A wonderful compliment to any summer kitchen or patio, Zio Ciro pizza ovens will help you create memories you will cherish forever!

Subito Cotto 80

Subito Cotto 80 at Work!

Featuring a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, our line of ovens will allow you to enjoy the flavors of authentic Italian Cuisine in the comfort of your own house. Have a look at the results that Master Pizzaiolo Ciro Salvo obtains with a Subito Cotto 80 Pizza Oven! An authentic Pizza Napoletana cooked in less then a minute, just fresh ingredients, passion for food and a Zio Ciro oven!

Our Products

subito cotto series

Subito Cotto Assembled Ovens

Available in three different sizes, the Subito Cotto  Pizza Oven Series offers all the qualities of a traditional pizza oven with the added advantages of requiring minimal assembly, being highly efficient and portable and being already partially cured.

Kit Forno

Oven Kits

A full assortment of oven kits, ranging from domestic to professional use that will allow you to transform your backyard into a small oasis of culinary excellence. The ideal solution for those seeking a permanent feature that can be personalized to their individual taste.

Gas Burner kit Drago p1

Gas Burner Kits

The P1 Drago gas burner kit will allow you to convert your Subito Cotto oven into a gas oven, while maintaining its fire burning capabilities. Ideal for those new to wood burning ovens, it will allow you to easily stay within a temperature range while giving you the flexibility to revert back to wood once you are comfortable with your oven.

Welcome to Zio Ciro! We are excited to introduce you to the word of residential wood fire pizza ovens!

Whether you are an experienced pizzaiolo or just starting experimenting, we are sure you will find a backyard pizza oven that will suit your style and budget!

Have you ever seen a pizza being cooked in a wood fired oven? With temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it only takes minutes (and less than that for a Pizza Napoletana Verace!) to achieve that perfect, crispy pie with charred topping and melted cheese. But the conventional oven in most kitchens cannot reach those temperatures, which is why you need a Pizza Oven! And our online store is just the place to find the best oven for your needs!

We over a large variety of handmade pizza ovens for sale, available both as kits or assembled unit, in several sizes, perfect to compliment your backyard and to entertain your friends and family! All of our ovens are clearly priced, and when you are ready to buy you pizza oven we will be happy to offer a competitive quote, including shipping and accessories.

Since 1997 we have produced and sold worldwide over 30000 ovens, making Zio Ciro a world-renowned brand in the residential and professional pizza oven market. Over the last two decades we have perfected our craft to deliver the finest handmade pizza ovens to our customers, ensuring that every enthusiast can experience the unique flavors of fired cooked pizza!

Every pizza oven for sale on our online store is hand made in Italy by a dedicated team of artisan with years of experience in refractory materials, combining the best materials and a long tradition of excellence.

Make room for a Zio Ciro Italian pizza oven on your patio or the summer kitchen and enjoy healthy homemade pizzas, breads, focaccias, meat roasts and an endless amount of extraordinary dishes with your friends and family and create memories you will cherish forever!

Why should you compliment your backyard with a Zio Ciro Italian Pizza Oven?

  • We have a full line up of Pizza Ovens for sale, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your need. The oven kits can be finished to match your home décor, the Subito Cotto line offers all the benefits of a refractory oven with the added advantage of being fully assembled, and light enough to be moved around your back patio with ease.
  • The modern pizza oven traces its origins all the way to the Pompeii oven, which was used to cook the majority of foods. Our wood fired pizza ovens can be used to prepare a huge variety of products too, from pastas to breads, meats, vegetables and even deserts! The thermal mass of our ovens facilitates heat retention, allowing for cooking to take place long after the fire has gone out!

Cooking over open flames is more than a choice, it is a lifestyle! Imagine friends and family gathering together over a delicious and healthy meal….is there anything else you would rather have?